About Jefferson Air Photography

Jefferson Air Photography was established in 1984, supplying
aerial photography services throughout the UK.
Aerial photographs are unusual, attractive, and always
pique the curiosity of the viewer. Enlarged aerial views add
sophistication and style to a reception or boardroom.
Jefferson Air Photography guarantees to deliver superb
oblique imagery in accordance with client requirements.
We are able to fly all year round to all parts of the UK from
our strategically placed location enabling Jefferson to react
quickly to our clients’ needs.
Our unique combination of photographic expertise, flight
experience and industry know-how ensures we will always
provide a high quality service, with our customers’ needs at
the heart of what we do.

What can it be used for?

Aerial photography continues to play a vital role across a wide variety of disciplines.
Jefferson’s clients include organisations in such industries as:
• Commercial Property Development
• Industrial Property Development
• Real Estate
• Local Government
• Environment Agencies
• Construction
• Architecture
• Tourist Boards
• Outdoor Event Aerial Photography
• Progress Photography / Planning
• Country Houses / Rural Estates
• Site Surveys
• Archaeologists
• Supermarket Chains
• Development Land
• Private Individuals

We provide up to date aerial photography to the clients’ exacting requirements. Our clients specify
the type of image required, the angle it is to be taken from and any features to be included.

Commissioning Aerial Photgraphy

How do we achieve quality?
At Jefferson we pride ourselves on the quality of not only our images but our services and client relations. Our experience in the field allows us to provide a bespoke, high-end service that focuses on meeting our clients’ requirements and achieving the perfect shot. Jefferson’s service is designed to supply imagery of the highest quality, helping clients to increase their business profile and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.  We assure quality through the use of the most up-to-date digital cameras and technology – including live links to aviation weather forecast reports. In order to obtain the best quality aerial photographs, ideal weather conditions are required (blue skies, unlimited visibility and light winds).

We operate our own fixed-wing aircraft with professional pilots, enabling us to respond quickly to positive changes in outlook and arrive at clients’ image sites rapidly, never missing an opportunity. We will only take aerial photographs in less than perfect conditions if specifically requested by our client, and in accordance with our strict safety margins.  Our aircraft and offices are based at Hawarden Airport (Chester), meaning we can carry out the mission, return to base, and transmit our clients’ photographs within minutes of landing, allowing for almost immediate viewing of results.